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Multimedia Collections: Online Store

The Multimedia Collections has a new online store where you can choose from a wide variety of available images which you could use for a number of different purposes, for example, to add emphasis to publications or lectures by using original sources. After having set up a personal user account, selection, payment and delivery are all taken care of online.

Online-Catalogue of the Neue Galerie Graz Library

There are around 32,000 media registered in the online catalogue. Many holdings only listed in the old card catalogue are still in the process of being added to the digital catalogue.

-> Here’s the link to the online catalogue

Order Catalogues from the Neue Galerie Graz

The Neue Galerie Graz bookshop is open online.

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VergrößernClegg & Guttmann, Breaking...

Clegg & Guttmann, Breaking down the boundaries to life 3, 1995

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„Joanneumsbesucher/innen“ from Birgit Baustädter/Kleine Zeitung

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The new Joanneum Quarter: the designer’s view

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Visuals from the genesis of construction and architecture