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The Visitor Centre, the new heart of the new Joanneum Quarter, opened its doors November 26, 2011. As the central entrance to both museum buildings and to the Styrian State Library, it is both a representative information centre and the primary point of orientation for the entire building complex.

An escalator leads down from the square through a circular opening to the interior of the Visitor Centre where there are ticketing and information desks. Here one will also find a museum shop, cloakroom and facilities. The Neue Galerie Graz, the Natural History Museum, and the Multimedia Collections are all accessible through the Visitor Centre. Friends and lovers of literature will be happy to find and browse through the open section of the collections of the Styrian State Library. There are also two auditoriums for lectures, workshops, seminars and any other kind of presentation whether it be on art, culture or the natural sciences. Daylight shines through the ceiling into the space through inverted cone-shaped glass structures, creating a subdued and inviting atmosphere.

"We see any visit to the museum as a comprehensive experience and aspire to open the minds of the visitors and encourage their natural curiosity. Learning through dialogue is equally important in art, culture and natural sciences, where critical discussions open doors to new perspectives. Our goal is that visitors continue to come back through giving them the feeling that there is something new to see here every day. The Joanneum Quarter and the unique architecture of the Visitor Centre represent the ideal space for such an exchange and experience.”
(Markus Rieser, Leiter Abteilung Besucher/innenservice)

Joanneumsviertel, access Kalchberggasse, 8010 Graz
Tel: +43-316/8017-9100


e.g.: Neutorgasse 8010, Graz

VergrößernInfopoint, Photo: J. J. Kucek

Infopoint, Photo: J. J. Kucek

Vergrößern"JOA", photo: UMJ / N. Lackner

"JOA", photo: UMJ / N. Lackner

VergrößernJoanneum Quarter, photo:...

Joanneum Quarter, photo: UMJ / N. Lackner

VergrößernJoanneum Quarter, photo:...

Joanneum Quarter, photo: UMJ, N. Lackner

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